• Sustha Jeevan ( Wireless Gate and Jaffarpur ), Barrackpore-Kolkata, WB, India

Barrackpur SUSTHAJEEVAN provides World Class Services. We understand your needs on good rehabilitation. We take care for your good future. We will deal with your failure that determines how you achieve success. More than 50,000 patients are successfully treated. . . .


The whole world will become a paradise if every human being can be mentally healed

Welcome to the Barrackpur Sustha jeevan's Website

With your love, well wishes and our efforts we are now successfully operating two
Sustha jeevan's Unit with the same expertise. you can take your services from any of our Unit.

SUSTHA JEEVAN Old Age Home ( New )

Dementia and Alzheimer's Care Centre for 24 Hours and Day Care ( New )

We've Separate Accommodation for Ladies operates with Ladies Staffs only.

Susthajeevan near Jaffarpur

Sustha jeevan
(East side of Kalyani Expressway between Jaffarpur Army Firing Range and Milk Colony)

Babanpur, Kolkata - 700122, West Bengal, INDIA.

Susthajeevan near Wireless Gate

Sustha jeevan
(Near Wireless Gate West side of Kalyani Sodepur Expressway)

Chak-Kanthalia, Kolkata - 700122, West Bengal, INDIA.

Sustha Jeevan can recover a person in scientific ways with the help of renowned doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists by means of solutions like: Counseling, Yoga therapy, Performing Arts therapy and Medication (if necessary). If a person:
  1. Want to get complete relief from Addiction and want to get Rehabilitation from Addiction.
  2. Have lack of Concentration (e.g.: in Children Studies) or doing or Bad Behavior.
  3. Suffering from Depression or any other Psychiatric problem.
  4. Want to improve Performance or Mental Health.
  5. Want to improve the Children 's future.
  6. Want to improve the Couple Relationship or want to get recover form the Family problems.

Sustha jeevan ( Barrackpur ) is a well-known Psychiatric Care Centre and Rehabilitation Centre in KOLKATA for caring Alcohol, Drug Addicted Patients and Depressed Patients. It has its own multi-storied buildings situated at the ( East side of Kalyani Expressway between Jaffarpur Army Firing Range and Milk Colony ) and ( Near Wireless Gate West side of Kalyani Sodepur Expressway ). It has separate Dining and Kitchen room, Yoga Practice hall, Class room, Counselling room, Conference room, Doctor's room etc.
SUSTHA JEEVAN ( Barrackpur ) has fully separate accommodation for the Female Patients and operates with total Female Staffs only.

Illegal use of drugs is increasing day by day; both in children and adults. International Day against Drug Abuse and Unlawful Trafficking is held on 26 June annually. We perform various programs on the day with our patients, staffs and well-wishers. Its aims for creating awareness regarding drugs, its bad effect on physical as well as mental health and also against illegal drugs and its trade.


At least 10 renowned Psychiatrist available.
Open for 24 * 7 hours.
IPD/OPD Services : Treatment for all types of Psychiatric and addicted patients ( both Indoor and Outdoor ).
We provide free Consultancy.
Elevator / Lift facilities available for 24 * 7 hours.
Treatment for all types of Geriatric ( Old Age illnesses ) patients and Dementia and Alzheimer's patients ( both Indoor and Outdoor ) with the specialist Doctor's.
Daily counselling is coordinated by at least 4 renowned Psychologist.
R.M.O's are available every day.
Consultation is given by 2 or more general Physician.
Psychiatric Services: Medication by renowned Psychiatrists.
Psychology Services: Counseling and Psychometric test by dignified and qualified Psychologists.
Qualified and dignified Psychologist appointed for all over the day for counseling the patients.
Yoga, meditation and exercise is done in the presence of Yoga specialist.
Music, Art, Drawing, Drama, Dance, Song, and Poetry etc. classes are taken by the experienced Art therapist.
24 x 7 Security personals and Wardens looks after indoor patients.
24 x 7 CCTV Camera surveillance for the security of the patients.
24 x 7 Adequate Purified Drinking Water supply is available for all.
Generator Services is available as substitute of electricity or whenever it is necessary.
Separate Building for Male and Female patients.
The Female Unit maintained and operates with the Female Staffs only.
Fully secured with CCTV Camera and Security Guards.
We have our own medicine shop.
Homely caring atmosphere.
Pick and Drop Car and Ambulance Services.
Rehabilitation Services.
Social Work Services.
Guardians meetings are organized in every Sunday afternoon.
And many more, for more details please contact us.



On behalf Sustha Jeevan, I humbly submit my sincere gratitude to the management and staffs of Sustha Jeevan, for their outstanding performance. They have been outstandingly helpful and provided a high quality of service, care and comfort to each and every patient of Sustha Jeevan. Thank you.
Goodwill is something that take years to build. I'm thankful to all the members of Sustha Jeevan for their excellent performance in the sense of expertise, good behaviour, care and comfort to all the patients which was beyond the expectations to the patients parties. That makes our reputation so high. Thanks to all of you.
I am writing this to thank everyone of Sustha Jeevan for the excellent care that they provide to the each patients within minutes of arriving in the Sustha Jeevan compound. I want to thank the entire staff for the kind and caring assistance they provide to the patients, including the security guards, ER staff, and the doctors, nurses and aides on each floor. Everyone!

Happy Patients