• Sustha Jeevan ( Wireless Gate and Jaffarpur ), Barrackpore-Kolkata, WB, India

About Us

SUSTHA JEEVAN BARRACKPUR now have two Unit. One is situated near the Wireless Gate, Barrackpore and another one is near the Jaffarpur Firing Range, both are situated in the fringes of Kolkata. We started our journey in 2007. We are one of the best Psychiatric Care Centre, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre and Psychology Centre in Kolkata, in West Bengal as well as in Eastern INDIA. We provide World Class Services to our patients in very low cost as we are a non-profitable Organization.
So far, we successfully treated more than 50,000 Indoor patients and Outdoor patients. We have at least 10 renowned Psychiatrists, 9 qualified and experienced Psychologists, 4 General Physician, 2 Ayurvedic Doctors, 2 Performer Art therapist and 2 experienced Yoga therapist with us. We also have a strength of 42 energetic, young and experienced Staff and 15 Volunteers also.
We hold so many religious and social festivals with our patients throughout the year. We organize many awareness programs with KOLKATA LALBAZAR Police and Narcotic Cell every year and a big rally on the day against drugs i.e. on 26th June every year.
The World Health Organization (WHO) report states that 1 on every 4 people in World is suffering from Mental Diseases and it is increasing day by day and in very near future the figure will be in a fierce position. The outcome of the problem is that almost every people around the World is becoming mentally instable, untrusting each other losing their friendly nature and doing various offensive crime’s like fighting, involving in quarrelling, stealing, suicide, murdering, raping etc. Like other mental problems Alcohol and Drug Addiction’s is also becoming major problems around the World and it is increasing day by day and the outcome of these we are facing Family problems, quarrelling, fighting etc. and the most important is its effects on the children. They are feeling very much unsecured and becoming Mental patient. Also, some children’s are getting curious and starting to take alcohol or drugs by watching their guardian’s or senior’s inside their family or outside. By this way our countries young generation is heading towards the destruction and thus the future of the progression of our country is also going towards the destructions.
We the SUSTHA JEEVAN people are consistently trying to recover people from these severe problems from the year 2007. Foremost we do believe that an Alcohol or Drug Addicted patient or a mental disease patient cannot be cure by beating, ill behaviour or using slangs to them. They can be cure by Scientifically Treatment, proper Counselling, regular Meditation and Yoga, and Art Therapy by which all the sorrow from the heart being removed and with a great love and affectionate behaviour. All these makes us (SUSTHA JEEVAN BARRACKPUR) very special to you and your beloved people.
For any of the above said problems solution please try to contact us over the telephone/mobile or e-mail us. Our experts are very friendly and always eager to help you.