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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are we?
A. SUSTHA JEEVAN Society is a non-profitable organization. We provide Psychiatric Care Centre, Psychology Centre, and Rehabilitation Centre in a very friendly environment at the fringes of Kolkata in Barrackpur, West Bengal. All these services are provided in a very nominal rate.
Q. What is Addiction?
A. The things which make changes to a person physically or mentally and after certain stages the person feels or behaves abnormal without getting those things.
Q. What are the Objects of Addictions?
A. Alcohol, Heroin, Brown Sugar, Grass-let, Sleeping Pills, SPASMO (Dicyclomine), Dendrite Adhesive, Cough Syrups and many other stimulate objects.
Q. What are the reasons of Addiction’s?
A. There are various reasons to become an Addicted person. Some of the reasons follows:
  1. Genetic research shows that in compares to the general children’s there is 4 times’ greater chance of getting addicted by those children’s whose parents are Alcoholic.
  2. Those child having Conduct Disorder i.e. the habit of telling lie, stilling others object’s, using slangs, engaging in fighting frequently will have the greater chance to become addicted in near future.
  3. Curiosity.
  4. Cheering with friend’s in various events.
  5. Western cultural influences, TV, Cinema etc.
  6. Sad, Failure or Depression.
  7. Professional life maintaining.
  8. Physically or mentally weak person.
  9. Insecure feeling or loneliness.
  10. Sleeping problem.
Q. How can you identify that a person is Addicted or not?
A. There are various symptoms to identify an Addicted person. Some of them are follows:
  1. Get tempted frequently.
  2. Vomiting, cough, pain in body.
  3. Redness in eye or Drowsy and become physical movement less.
  4. Cloths, fingers, body may have burn signs or body may have needling signs.
  5. Less enthusiasm in Reading-Writing, Working or Playing.
  6. Frequently health problems occur.
  7. Carious things may be found in the home or surroundings of the addicted person’s like Syringes, Used Medicine Strips, Foil wrapper’s, Wax Matches, Many burnt-out match-sticks, Dendrite Packet, Alcohol bottle etc.
  8. Unknown friends are comes to home frequently.
  9. Locking the room door from inside without any reason or taking too much time in wash room or in the latrine.
  10. Instable hunger like increase or decrease in hunger frequently.
  11. Valuable assets or money lost from the house frequently.
  12. Increasing Debt and go on increasing day by day without proper reasons.
  13. Taking of Medicine’s without proper reasons.
  14. Abundantly Lying.
  15. Trying to justifying by creating situation.
  16. icide tendency.
Q. What are the Addictions problems?
A. The various types of problems an Addicted person in general may go-thru. Like:
  1. Physical Problems: Feeling pain in whole body mostly in stomach. Running nose, Vomiting, Sleeping problems, Digestive problems, Stomach Ulcer, trembling hand and trembling leg etc.
  2. Mental Problems: Motivation less, Unsteady Mind and Decision, Sadist, Loneliness, Short-Tempered, Rude, Tempted, Sleeping problems, fearing of unknown reason.
  3. Economic Problems: Most of the earnings is spent for Addiction, Becoming Earn less / Job Less, Family assets or money is used for Addiction etc.
  4. Social Problems: Relationship breaks, Quarrels and fights with Relatives and friends, lying, and also get involve in different Crimes like snatching, stealing etc. for achieving the Addiction objects and for which the person may be convicted and may have Jail.
Q. How the Addicted Person's treatment is done?
A. By admitting the patient to the Rehabilitation Center which operates in a Scientific Way. The patient should get treatment under the supervision of specialized and registered Psychiatric doctor’s and Psychologist and should get prescribed medicines. Which is required for recovering them from the Addiction. The psychological Counselling is required for the patient to overcome them from their different mental problems as well as their behaviors. Additionally a long time addicted patient have different health problems to recover from which different specialized and general Physician advice and medicines are required. After getting release from the Rehabilitation Center the patient must require to take regular prescribed medicines, time-to-time Council with the Doctors and must have contact with the Rehabilitation Center.
Q. What should be the Guardian's duty for the Addicted patient?
A. First-of-all it is required to understand that the Addiction is a mental problem or illness which required proper scientific treatment by the specialized persons. Generally a person get Addicted due to the family problems. Therefore, the guardian’s must be alert in these directions. The Addiction problem cannot be solve by applying force or showing fear to the Addicted person. Suspecting the children unnecessarily should not be done. By doing this, the problem become worse. Due to this, the Addicted person tries to become more Addicted. De-addiction is a time taking process it cannot be done in minutes. Generally the De-addiction process required 4 to 6 months of treatment. Experienced person's advice is required to solve the Addiction problem. Please don’t try solve it by yourself. It is very much required to feel the feelings of the patient’s and don’t try to accuse the person by saying some moral words. It is always better to accept the reality, and also to accept the Addicted person as a normal citizen. Addiction is not an individual fault it is a Social problem.