• Sustha Jeevan ( Wireless Gate and Jaffarpur ), Barrackpore-Kolkata, WB, India

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Susthajeevan near Jaffarpur

Sustha jeevan
(East side of Kalyani Expressway between Jaffarpur Army Firing Range and Milk Colony)

Babanpur, Kolkata - 700122, West Bengal, INDIA.

Susthajeevan near Wireless Gate

Sustha jeevan
(Near Wireless Gate West side of Kalyani Sodepur Expressway)

Chak-Kanthalia, Kolkata - 700122, West Bengal, INDIA.

Sustha Jeevan can recover a person in scientific ways with the help of renowned doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists by means of solutions like: Counseling, Yoga therapy, Performing Arts therapy and Medication (if necessary). If a person:
  1. Want to get complete relief from Addiction and want to get Rehabilitation from Addiction.
  2. Have lack of Concentration (e.g.: in Children Studies) or doing or Bad Behavior.
  3. Suffering from Depression or any other Psychiatric problem..
  4. Want to improve Performance or Mental Health.
  5. Want to improve the Children 's future.
  6. Want to improve the Couple Relationship or want to get recover form the Family problems.

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